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Endangered Animals Huzuni – Rose Prroffitt

$ 79.95 including tax

Out of stock


Pasting Area: Full Coverage
Drill Shape: Square or Round
Delivery Time: 20-45 days
Canvas Size:  60x90cm

Huzuni is the first of the Endangered Animal Series. This only comes in a 60×90 as a soft lint poured canvas. There is no ab or crystal drills in this kit but you are free to add them yourself.  As this is a limited series there will be only 16 available. Once they are sold out there will be no more available.

Each image will come with a certificate of authenticity which will be emailed to you upon receiving the canvas.


10% of the sale of these canvases will be going to a nominated animal conservation and to find out each month who the money will be going to please follow us on our social media platforms.


All orders are processed in 7-10 business days

Renders available on request

Artwork by Rose Proffitt Creations

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