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Mini Tray Holders

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Do you always want to work with multiple trays but are worried if you spread them out on your canvas, you will knock them all over. Or Fluffy will jump up on the canvas and send the trays flying everywhere.
This is just the thing for you . These tray holders come in 1 high x 1 wide which will hold 5 trays, 1 high x 2 wide which will hold 10 trays, 1 high x 3 wide which will hold 15 trays, 2 high x 2 wide which will hold 20 trays, 3 High x 3 wide which will hold 45 trays and for those who work on big projects 3 high x 3 wide which will hold 60 trays, (br)If you have a lot of small which trays and do not want any more than you can just purchases the boxes or complete with a full set of trays and stoppers.
They can either order them in a single colour or if you want to be daring you can order a rainbow of colours to mix and match with your canvas
These are made in Australia and are made to order.Delivery Time: 10 to 15 days Australia wide and 4-6 weeks the rest of the world. Manufacturing takes around 2-4 weeks
All orders are processed in 1-3 business days

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